Friday, September 19, 2008


B's mom has been a big fan of our blog.  She loved that we were writing daily from India and said that "it was like I was having a conversation with you.  I felt like I was right there."  Every time we had an update she would call my mom or my sister-in-law, Susan, to talk to them about the latest goings on (it is still a big secret in our families until after the first trimester).  The three of them were a great support system for one another.  When we e-mailed B's mom from the airport in India to tell her we were on our way home she immediately went to Susan's work to tell her we were on our way home and had transferred three blastocysts to our surrogate. 

When we found out that we were pregnant B's mom was elated.  She asked me days later "if my feet had hit the ground yet."  I'm going to assume that hers still haven't.  I felt really bad that she still hadn't confided in her sisters or friends about what we had been going through, but I understand.  She was being a good mother -- protective, and realistic about the future.  We talked about when and how B and I would break the news to the rest of our friends and family.  She told me that it was our news to tell, not hers, and that she wasn't telling anyone without our approval.  

Every year B's mom and her sisters go on a vacation together.  Over the past few years they have travelled to Ireland (twice), New Orleans, Philadelphia and Chicago.  This year they are on a cruise in Alaska.  Tonight is the last night of her cruise with her sisters.  Before they go to dinner tonight they will be having drinks at the bar, and B's mom will be making a toast to "the health and happiness of my future grandchild". 

To our newest groupies E and A, welcome!


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, you are almost in the 2nd trimester already! Congratulations! Time is flying! :)

crystal said...

cvWow, time is flying by. We just received our 32 week scan, and our baby is doing just fine. Thanks for Pams e-mail, we have been corresponding, and it was been great. We fly to Anand on October 14th, so we dont have much time left. I'm thrilled that everything is going well for you both.

Anonymous said...

Last Friday evening I did just as I said I would and toasted my prospective grandchild. B's aunts, E and A, both started crying. They are ecstatic for all of us. E had seen the Oprah show with Dr. Patel so she was aware of the program. My feet are still off the ground and I really love this blog.