Saturday, September 13, 2008

Public Service Announcement

People (nosy people) are always asking me when I am going to have a baby. Friends, strangers, my nail lady, co-workers, the lady at Jamba Juice, and even my spam e-mail ("Tracy, beat her womb with your hot rod" - yes, this was an actual email I received). Frankly, it is a personal matter.

Here are a few of my favorite responses to "when are you going to have a baby":
1. When was the last time you had a yeast infection? This is my favorite reply. The answer is always the same...That's personal. Really? Because my reproductive life isn't?
2. What's your situation down there? Do you shave or wax?
3. How much money do you have in the bank?
4. Why don't you go f**k yourself?

I used to wonder if I told people the truth if they would back off and never ask again? The answer is no. I have done this and people will ask a new question "why don't you just adopt?"
First, the public should know that adoption is not as simple as they might think. Second, while I am certainly a proponent of adoption, when people ask "why don't you just adopt" it sounds to me like they are trivializing all that we have been through.

Asking a couple when they will procreate is a very intimate and personal question. Just don't do it.


Lauren said...

Amen, SIL. People have actually stopped asking us because they either don't like our answers or we've made them uncomfortable. Ooh, so sorry for making you feel bad, you fertiles. Anywho, know that I am with you and support you guys and everyone else can suck it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy

I have been trying to send you a PM through the forum for several days. I can´t manage to get it through. No idea why.
here is my mail if you want to send me yours just to stay in touch.I already have dates to go to India. Huray!!
Hope everything is good with you. Love your blog, it is great, very helpful!!!
Take care

Heather said...

I giggled uncontrollably at your responses! My friend who had IVF twins used to get ask all the time how they were "made". These people didn't know she had IVF done but just assumed it was fertility pills or such because she was having twins. She'd turn the question back on them. "How was yours made? Doggy-style? Missionary? Cowgirl?" That always shut them up.