Saturday, July 19, 2008


So where did we leave off? Oh yeah, "The Transfer."

Transfer Day- We said good bye to our BFF/ B's dad's doppelganger, Hershrane. Then I went to have the letter I wrote our surrogate translated into Gujarati. As we were getting a rickshaw, I almost (we're talking centimeters) got shat on by a bird. I'll take that as a sign of good luck. We got to the hospital, I took some pictures with the nurses, and then we waited for Dr. Patel to take us to to see the embryologist. And we waited. And then we waited some more. Every time the door opened we would JUMP out of our seats, only to be disappointed by a nurse leaving something on Dr. Hitesh's desk. There were a few times that someone would be on the other side of the door, turn the knob as if they were coming in, and then walk away. Have you ever watched a door knob turn and had your heart race? I felt like Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween. We waited like this for about two hours. Finally, Hansa (my favorite nurse) came in to get us. We went upstairs to yet another waiting area except this waiting area had other couples waiting for transfer. I was all "WTF? Who are these people? Why weren't they here the whole time with with us?" It seems they were all second rounders that did their IVF cycles back home (Bangladesh, UK, Bay Area) and came to Dr. Patel for retrieval and transfer. We were instructed to put on surgical masks and hair nets, which, by the way, is a really great look. Then B and I were called in to see our five remaining embryos. Dr. Patel pointed out the three best and said that those were the ones that she would be transferring. Two of them were excellent quality, and one of them was good quality! B was so overjoyed he almost hugged a "scrubbed in" Dr. Patel. Then B went back to the waiting area, and I went into the O.R. for the transfer. I held our surrogate's hand as the nurses prepped her for the transfer. I watched her as she prayed and couldn't help but think how much she must want this to work. We both continued to pray as they did the transfer. After Dr. Patel finished the transfer, I kissed our surrogate and thanked her at the very least 5,000 times. I went out to see B and we hugged. It's the same kind of hug Rocky gave Adrian after he beat Apollo Creed. Completely exhausted, emotionally wrecked and deliriously happy - that's how I will forever remember feeling at that moment.

Believe it or not, we had to wait some more after that - this time to pay for our treatment. While we were waiting we met a Jamaican woman from NYC who's surrogate is pregnant with her child. We found out that she had undergone 14 failed IVF treatments and she finally found success with Dr. Patel and a surrogate. She decided that after trying for so many years for a baby that she didn't want to miss out on one bit of her surrogate's pregnancy. She has moved from NYC to Anand, India to be there for every moment. Truly amazing! Finally, after we wrapped everything up with Dr. Patel, we started our long journey home (31 hours door to door).

We have been home for a few days now. We had Chipotle as our first meal back, and then I had McDonald's breakfast the next morning!

After a three week hiatus, B went back to work yesterday where he found a congratulatory "It's a Boy" cigar on his desk. It seems someone he works with had a baby. I hope it's a sign!

We are back to another cliffhanger, except this one will be much longer...about 11 days longer. I'm sure the time will pass about as quickly as it did when Meadow was parallel parking in The Soprano's series finale.


Lauren said...

Thinking of you and desperately wanting the best for you.

Alison said...

5 more days....I am praying for you!