Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Starting to Go Bananas

Ggggrrr. I thought that I was supposed to have another ultrasound today but instead I got my meds and then all of the important information that I needed. Why do they mess with my mind like this? The way I would have liked for it to happen would have been for us to walk into Dr. Hitesh's office with him actually being there, and then for him to tell us that he spoke to Dr. Patel who thinks I need one more day of meds. The way it actually happened was we walked into Dr. Hitesh's office, he wasn't there, the nurse started to give me my meds, I said "No way, Jose." I then asked her if I was supposed to have an ultrasound and then my trigger later, and she said "no, you ultrasound tomorrow," I got my shots and then wanted to throw a chair at someone. I later found out from Dr. Hitesh that Dr. Patel would perform my ultraround tomorrow. That's fine, but it would have been nice to know that in advance. Someone could have gotten hurt by that chair that I was about to throw.

Speaking of throwing things, we saw a few monkeys today during our day trip to Vadodara. For those who aren't trained in zoology, monkeys are a furry species that like to throw their own feces at people. We captured some footage of a monkey with its baby; luckily we were not hit with any flying poo.

Speaking of monkeys, while we were in Hong Kong, we had a reflexology treatment. The woman treating B told him that he was furry "like monkey."

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