Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Feeling Better...Until My Next Hormone-Induced Rant

I feel much better today. We went in a bit early today to speak with Dr. Hitesh (Dr. Patel's husband). He had a nurse lead us on a tour of one of the surrogate mothers apartments. There were about 15 pregnant women there; most were either nine months pregnant or had just had a transfer. About 1/3 were pregnant with twins. This apartment is on the third floor of the hospital building and is reserved for high risk, just transferred, and late term pregnancies. There is another house with about 20 more surrogates off campus. After the tour he patiently answered all of my questions. The drug that was just added to me regimen was not bleach as I had assumed, but is instead Luveris. Luveris works as an enhancer with Gonal F. I will, in fact, have another ultrasound tomorrow, possibly followed by my trigger shot later that evening. I will also have another ultrasound on Thursday when Dr. Patel comes back, so she can see "what's up." He also said that ideally they transfer nothing smaller 18-20mm. I am right on target for where I need to be. I also asked him if there were any eggs smaller than 10mm yesterday, and he said that it was "irrelevant". I feel much better knowing more info and I have come to terms with the fact that I may only have nine eggs come retrieval. After all, it only takes one!


Sandra said...

Great blog! Thanks for being so generous and sharing your experiences. Sending positive thoughts your way!

Intended Parents said...

Thanks Sandra! Give Monty a scratch from us.