Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sikh Celebration

We were coming back from the hospital last night and we happened upon a large group of people just outside our hotel. Many of them were either wearing orange or carrying orange flags. We went inside of our hotel to ask what was going on. They said that the Sikhs were celebrating the arrival of a Guru who had not come to the area in many years (either thirty years or thirteen years - this detail was lost in translation). We stepped outside with our camera and saw one of the servers from the hotel restaurant. He was there celebrating with his family and invited us to come and join the crowd, although I was also asked to cover my hair with my scarf. We went across the street where there were groups of men and women dancing, men playing drums, and people shooting colorful smoke into the air. People were handing us bunches of flowers to throw in the air when the Guru drove by. It was total sensory overload! We were very grateful that they welcomed us into their celebration (except for when some little kid grabbed my ass).

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