Saturday, July 5, 2008

Keep Your Hands Inside the Vehicle, Kids!

Rickshaws are a major form of transportation throughout Anand and the rest of India. This is how we get to and from the hospital, shopping, etc. It is a little bit frightening at first, and the fumes can be nauseating, but it is a lot of fun! The drivers come within inches of other motorists, donkeys, cyclists, cows and dogs (our driver the other day almost ran over a dog laying in the street). The drivers do not care if there is a person or vehicle in their way; they just power through and somehow manage not to hit anything, while I try to figure out if I just shit in my pants (Nope, that was B who just did). I guess we are thrill seekers. Then again, what is the alternative?

By the way, rickshaw rides are dirt cheap. It costs us 20 rupees (less than 50 cents) to get from the hotel to the hospital. A similar ride in the states would cost about eight to ten dollars. We spent about an hour shopping today. The rickshaw driver drove us from store to store and waited outside for us while we shopped - all for the low low price of 60 rupees (about $1.40)! It should be noted that this was his asking price. We probably could have talked him down to 40 or 50 rupees, but it just felt wrong.

We have attached a video to help paint a better picture of the rickshaw experience. Enjoy!
Caution: If you tend to suffer from motion sickness do not watch the video.

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