Saturday, July 5, 2008

Meeting Dr. Patel

We had our first meeting with Dr. Patel and her staff on July 2. This came as a pleasant surprise seeing that our scheduled appointment was for July 3. Dr. Hitesh (Dr. Patels' husband) called our hotel room and told us to come by and meet everyone, as he was sure we had nothing else to do. Boy, was he right! Dr. Hitesh sent Mr. Uday (sometimes referred to as Ha Ha because of his exuberant laugh) over to our hotel to pick us up. The hospital is only a five minute ride from our hotel. I was overwhelmed with emotion when we arrived. It solidified everything that we had come here for. We were whisked into Dr. Hitesh's office. It felt like we were intruding on something important. Another patient, Mr. C was in the office signing papers. Mr. C was waiting for his wife who had just had her retrieval done. It felt rude to be there while someone was signing personal papers, but Mr. C said "You all will see, nothing is private here. Everyone knows everyone else's issues." Dr. Patel's nurse called for us. We went into her office and I was stunned by how beautiful she is. You know when you meet someone who has "good karma?" Well, she has it. There is just something so serene about her. She pulled our e-mails, asked me when I had stopped the pill, weighed me, and then had her nurse take me to the exam room. She gave me an ultrasound and saw nine follicles in my right ovary! My left ovary was hiding, but Dr Patel was confident that with the drugs, my left ovary would also produce. She seemed very pleased by my ultrasound. I am going to quote Bret Michael's here with "Awesome!" She had a technician draw samples of blood (to test for HIV, Hepatitis, and hormone levels). The technician also had to take a sample of blood from B to test for HIV, and Hepatitis. We went back to Dr. Hitesh's office and said good-bye to Mr. and Mrs. C, and Dr. Patel told us to come back at 4:30 to start "the junk." How great is that!! I get to start a day earlier! We arrived back at 4:30, chatted with Dr. Hitesh about cricket, and I got my first injection of Gonal-F at 5 PM. The strange thing about the injection was how it was administered. I was just sitting there on a plastic patio chair, mid-conversation, when - SHAZAM! - I got poked. No warning, very stealth. The nurses could lead double lives as cat burglars. I haven't seen or felt any side effects yet except for my acne and track marks which make me resemble Amy Winehouse. Who knows what tomorrow has in store? A beehive, perhaps? Sexy time.

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