Monday, July 7, 2008

How Would You Like Your Eggs?

Eggs. It seems that my thoughts and belly are consumed with them. I had my day 5 ultrasound yesterday. It showed 4 eggs in my left ovary measuring 11mm and 5 eggs in my right ovary measuring between 10 and 11mm. It's great that all of my eggs are measuring similiar in size, and that I am responding to the stimulation, but I had grand delusions that I would be like mother hen and would produce tons of eggs. I feel like it is the only thing I can do since I can't carry a child and have a vast amount of space in my "girl parts" since my uterus and cervix have been taken from me. Yesterday, after the ultrasound, I felt discourged by my number. You know when you have worked really hard on a project for school and you get a B- and you just berate yourself? That is how I felt. I felt like I deserved an A for all that I have been through already. It doesn't mean that I won't get an A in the end, it just makes me feel more grounded, I guess.

I am a little bit annoyed with Dr. Patel and her staff. Dr. Patel had a speaking arrangement in London this past Saturday and has yet to return. When you travel half way across the world to be treated by a "specific" doctor, you want to be treated by that doctor and not anyone else. When I ask when Dr. Patel will return it is either July 10th or July 12th depending on who you ask. I have been told that she will be here for my retrieval which may be bumped up to July 11th. I don't know how that is possible unless she is in London cloning herself.

On a post-related side note that I am sure everyone wants to hear, I have also been eating eggs everyday as my daily source of protein.

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