Monday, November 15, 2010

20 Months!

Dear Lila,

Happy 20 Month Birthday!  We've taken a few weekend trips recently (San Francisco, San Diego and Boston).  You happen to be very good traveler and you're better behaved on a plane than most adults.

We visited with Izek and his parents in San Francisco.  While we were there, we also had the pleasure of meeting two more potential future boyfriends--Kota and Kai.  Our trip was brief and fun.  The only mishap was losing a Snugly Jeff.  Yikes!  Thank Goodness we had two! And an additional Thank Goodness for the geniuses at Target who still carried them in their inventory.

Izek and Lila-San Francisco

 Admiring Gandi

San Diego was a phenomenal trip!  We stayed at a hotel that overlooked Petco Park, where you played until the sun went down.  You really loved the San Diego Zoo.  I would have to say that the petting zoo was your personal fave.  You giggled and squealed with delight everytime you got to touch an animal.  You also really loved the Sea Turtles and you tried kissing them through the glass. My favorite memory of that day was the Panda Exhibit.  One of the zoo people (I'm too sick and tired to remember what her official title was) was giving a narrative on the Panda's, and Daddy told you that you had to speak quietly.  In the loudest and cutest way ever, you looked at him, put your finger over your lip and did SHHH!!!!!!  It was so loud and funny!

 calling room service

Mammy watch me climb this statue!

 Lila and Daddy

 kissing turtles

 Mommy, Lila and Monkey

 I love my new Monkey!

Our Boston trip was quick yet nice.  We had a mock Thanksgiving with both of our families and spent most of the weekend with them.  You loved Auntie Sue's Turkey and Corn sooo much that you made all of these funny, lip smacking noises while devouring it!  You spent a lot of time playing with your older cousins Serena and Emma and you had a playdate at the park with your cousin Madelyn.  You also caught a nasty stomach bug while we were there that has been on and off for about a week now.  Poor baby!

Emma, Lila and Serena

 Happy Halloween

Dada, I like your extensions!

Funny things I want to remember:

  • You love this one part of our bath routine where we wrap you in your towel, cradle you like a baby and walk to every mirror in the house saying "Look at the brand new baby! Oh my goodness, it's a brand new baby!"  You look so smug and happy when we do this!
  • Your bedtime routine consists of reading a book on the couch, then you turn the lights off, then you give kisses to Dog, me and then to Daddy.  You always smile the most when you kiss Dog!
  • When Dog steals your cookie/ snack cup/ ball/ Snugly Jeff you walk right up to him waving your index finger with all the attitude a 20 Month Old Diva can have and yell "Bad-Doe!"
  • You love having ice in your water and then shaking your sippy cup to hear it clang
  • Whenever you see Carl's headshot (we have a very funny one hanging on our refrigerator) you say "Dada"  this is hilarious on many levels--mostly because he is petrified of children
  • On that note, you love looking at pictures of Daddy and saying "Dada"
  • You keep your hair-clip in about 60% of the time now!  HUGE progress
  • You love dressing up in tu-tu's and other costume-y type things
  • You say "a beagle-beagle-beagle bee" at random.  It doesn't matter if you're happy, sad, mad or excited.  Just whenever you feel fit to say it.  And, we have NO idea what it means!
  • Whenever you see a lion or tiger you shout "ROAR!"
  • When you feed dog his food you say "doe, num-num"
  • Sometimes you call me "Mammy"
  • Your favorite song to dance to is Telephone by Lady GaGa featuring Beyonce
  • You have been making the funniest face ever (featured below)

 The Face!

Happy 20 Month Birthday Lila!

Love, Mommy and Daddy!


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Cutest little purple witch ever!!!!

GeGe said...

She's adorable. You must be having so much fun watching all the amazing things she can do. How is her health?

Kerrie and Mark said...

20 months already? Where has the time gone? She is a perfect little gal, and starting to look like such a grown little girl. Everyday is a blessing with Lila.

Mandy said...

What a wonderful post!! She is the cutest DIVA ever!!

the faces kill me, love the tu-tu.

Tigerlilycat said...

She is divine!!! Love your post with all of the milestones. Not only do they make me laugh, it's also a heads up for what we're in for. And how brave are you guys travelling with toddler in tow? Gold medal to you!!