Thursday, October 21, 2010


Parenting doesn't come with an instruction booklet or an online certification program, it's all trial and error.  Somedays I feel like it's all error--from start to finish.

Sadly, yesterday was one of those days.  Lila swatted at another kid at Gymboree and the Mom acted like I had personally instructed Lila to beat the crap out of her kid.  I told her Lila was going through a phase and the Mom was all "Well, she should know better.  Clearly she doesn't have any siblings" with a big eye roll and some whispering with her friend.  Ouch! I had to walk away because my inner dialogue was screaming  "Why don't you and your camel toe go eat a big bag of dicks".

After all that fun, Lila decided she didn't want to eat dinner.  Nothing makes me feel like more of a failure than when she doesn't want to eat.  I tried feeding her different things at different times with all sorts of fun games and she only wanted a few bites.  Epic fail, again.  Sigh.

Halloween Cuteness!


Mike and Mike said...

Nope, no manual. No online accreditation course in just a year. No certification process...but, tons and tons and tons of books all espousing to know the best way to raise your little one...NOT.

Here's my two cents: Do keep the "Camel toe" comments as your inner dialogue.

If you can do that, I'll send you a toaster ;P

Mike A.

P.S. "Camel toe?" Thanks, I almost choked on my cough drop while laughing on that one.

Anonymous said...

She has grown up so much! What happened to the little baby girl : ) You have a very pretty daughter.

Haven't found the manual yet, think it may be as elusive as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Meg (Amani)

(PS> there is a website dedicated to photos of camel toes. Ergh,)

Mandy said...

Although she is just all CUTENESS (due to you of course)you are definately NOT i repeat NOT a failure!!

She just has a mindof her own (right now) and i am assuming you're gonna just have to ride it out with good parenting which you're doing ANYWAY!

You're doing FAB, dont listen to Camel Toe over there...tell her to shove it! lol...

Anonymous said...

You are doing a fabulous job and you are right there never have been any manuals. You do what you think best by listening to your heart. The other mother should have kept her mouth shut because you are never able to predict what your children will do. Her kid might be the one swatting at someone next week. Put a smile on your face because today is a new day.
Nanny Janny

Richa said...

Hi there,
I am following your blog and Lila's cuteness for almost a year but quite hesitated to write any comment. But this time I have to write. I am raising 13 months daughter and boy its really pain everywhere. feeding to diaper changing everything seems like I am on somekind of battle...

But dont get dishearten, you will get through this - I promise.

Lots of hugs,

Lucie Jones said...

Hmm, now I grew up with a sibling and I seem to remember than just encouraged my swatting skills, not the other way round! You did well to walk away, I would have pile drived her (another skill learned due to having sibling).

Camel toe is a good one - Im a fan of "bucket fanny" myself for smug ladies of that sort....(here fanny doesnt mean what it does in the US, ooh)

Look at how gorgeous your girl is!

There is no failure there, not even close.

Jeff and Kevin said...

OMG I just stumbled on to your blog and this entry made me spit coffee :)
Go get her Boston!
You've gained a new fan.

Suzy said...

Those sorts of people just need to be IGNORED. Little Lila is adorable!!