Thursday, May 20, 2010

A little over 14 months

Dear Lila,

You're a serious walker!  You have gotten so much better at walking with your shoes on.  When you first started wearing shoes you walked like you were wearing moon boots.   I hate to admit this, but it was really funny! Sometimes you try to run, sometimes you walk in circles, sometimes you walk like a cowboy and sometimes you walk with one finger pointed in the air yelling "a deet, deet, deet, deet, deet!"  I'm not sure what it means, but you seem ever so happy when you're doing this.

You showed what may have been empathy for the first time lat week.  A younger baby in your Gymboree class was crying and you patted her on the back.  It was a heart melting moment for me.  Then I was quickly brought back to reality when you stole another kids ball and left him alone and crying.

You love Snugly Jeff.  He is by your side at all times.  I'm gonna drop a HUGE bomb on you right now....  There are two Snugly Jeffs.  GASP!  One is Snugly Jeff and the other is Snugly Geoff.  They are both equally loved and chewed on. You see, when I originally got Snugly Jeff at the store, a nice woman came up to me and told me I needed to get two . Her advice has come in handy numerous times.  i.e. When one is in the wash I have the other, when I accidentally left Jeff in the car I had the other Jeff my bag.  Recently we had a huge Snugly Jeff/ Snugly Geoff crisis.  On our daily walk you dropped Snugly Jeff/Snugly Geoff in the street.  I back tracked to where I thought it had happened but couldn't find him.  Tear.  The next day on our same walk I found him.  Dirty, flattened like a pancake and very sad looking.  I took him home and washed him a few times and he's as good as ever.  Phew!

Snugly Jeff

Your last visit with the neurologist went really well.  You're meeting all of your developmental milestones and she's very happy with how everything is progressing.  Currently, you are only on one very low dosage medication without any seizure activity.  If things keep going this well, in March of next year we will have repeat EEG to see if there is anymore seizure activity still going on.  If that comes back "clean"  we will start to wean you off of your medication!  YAY!

Thank you Lila for bringing so much joy and humor to our lives!

xo,  Mommy and Daddy


Anonymous said...

She has brought so much joy and happiness to her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins too. We all love her so much.

jojo said...

I'm so happy for you! lila sounds like an absolutely delightful human!


ps. your word verification is 'prize'. pretty apt i reckon!

crystal said...

I cannot believe she is 14 month already. Mark has her beat by 5 month.

Anonymous said...

Tracy and Brett,
I love updates and laughed at your describing Lila's walking. So cute. I was thrilled to hear how her doctor's visit went, and the fact she may be meds free soon. I've been praying for that. Love, GeGe

Carrie Jo said...

Glad to hear Lila is doing so well. It's hard to believe our little girls are toddlers already!

Amani said...

Oh sweeeet. Great tip on having two snugglies, will use that one myself!