Thursday, May 6, 2010

I've been a bad blogger

YIKES!  I have been so busy lately that I've barely had time to sit down to record all that has been happening in our lives.

Chitter Chatter:  Lila has been talking up a storm.  Her first word was hi followed by ball, up, dog, car and go.  Car and go apply to pretty much everything. A tree is a car, a book is a car, a phone is a car, pretty much everything that she points at, is a car.  When she says hi, she'll wave with her palm facing her face.  It's so stinking cute!

How my life is changing: I used to curse up a storm.  Now, I'm just trying to watch what I say around Lila.  *Note to self, any music that I buy in the future will have to be the "clean" version.  

Pitter Patter:  Just after Lila turned thirteen months, she started walking.  She walks like Frankenstein and grunts the entire time!  It's hilarious!

How my life is changing:  Just after she turned thirteen months, my anxiety level quadrupled.  I can't count the number of times that I have almost had a heart attack because she came "this close" to smashing her head on a hard surface.  I want to bubble wrap everything in our apartment.

Copy Cat:  This is by far and away the cutest development yet.  Lila loves mimicking me when I'm on the phone or brushing my hair.  She'll pick up a phone (or sometimes the remote control), hold it up to her ear and talk.  When I'm done brushing my hair, she'll take my hair brush and try brushing her hair with it.  Too cute!

How my life is changing:  This is by far and away the most expensive development yet.  Lila ruined my cell phone and I had to get a new one.  Silly Mommy for letting her play with it in the first place.  I thought that by giving her my old cell phone she would be satisfied, but alas, Mommy is a fool.  

Sharing is Caring:  When Lila is eating she likes to share her food with us or Dog-Dog.  She also likes to take her pacifier out of her mouth and put it in ours.  She gets such a kick out of this!

How my life is changing:  I have consumed a lot of mushy, half eaten baby food in the last few months. Yummy scrumbos!  I have also been a good sport, and walked around Target and the grocery store with a pacifier in my mouth and a giggling baby on my hip.

Random Cuteness:  If you ask Lila where her belly button is, she'll lift her shirt!  If she sees a picture of a baby in a book, she'll kiss it.  If you are sitting in her chair, she'll come over and climb in your lap for a quick cuddle.

How my life is changing:  I'm more in love than ever with Ms. Lila James.  Everyday there is something new for her to experience and for me to smile about.

Birthday Girl

showing of her pearly whites

raise the roof

our birthday dinner

Family visit from Boston

Lila's new ride

Mommy and Lila in Malibu

Auntie Lauren and Lila

Anniversary Dinner

Dog-Dog and Lila

My lil' french fry

Las Vegas

Daddy and Lila


jojo said...

Wow! Lila is absolutely beautiful and you all look so happy. Thanks for sharing your life with us. I'm so glad that Lila is well and you're enjoying every minute of her.


Amani said...

Wow!! About time! She is growing beautifully. I love the photos - what a gorgeous little girl.

Kerrie and Mark said...

Bad blogger!!!
She is adorable!!! The update was well worth the wait. How is Lila doing these days?

Anonymous said...

Lila is such a beauty. I am glad you posted about her progress and your life togehter and that she is doing so well. Emma