Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weeks 10,11, & 12

Dear Lila,

My goodness time is flying by. You look more like a "baby" now. Isn't that crazy? You have been spending more time awake during the day. We usually spend your awake and alert time playing with your gym or with your favorite toy buddies Mallorie The Monkey, and the musical Caterpillar. Any time you sit facing your Caterpillar toy your whole face lights up! It's so beautiful to see that this random musical Caterpillar with googly eyes is what brings joy to your life. This is going to be one of those toys that I will save for you and when you're about 25 years old you will think "why on earth would you save this scrappy ass toy Mum?"

I think that you are almost ready to roll over now. You have rolled over from your back to your side a few times. You are also a serious kick boxer/break-dancer. It's funny to wake up in the morning and just see your little feet up in the air above your bassinet. In the last few weeks you discovered that your hands are part of your body. You look at them, put them in your mouth, grab things (including my hair). My favorite thing that you do with your hands is put them together and wiggle your fingers like you are cooking up some kind of scheme. It's too funny.

Your sleep pattern is so much better now. You sleep five hours at a time during the night waking up at about 3:00 AM for a feeding. The last two nights were exceptionally wonderful because you slept for 7 hours each night! Someday you will realize how unbelievably amazing it is to get more that 6 hours of sleep in a row with a baby your age. I feel like I went on vacation.

In a few weeks we will be taking a trip to Boston to introduce you to our families. There will be a few parties in your honor with many, many people who have been waiting a long time to meet the newest edition to our family. We are really looking forward to this trip with you!

Love, Mommy and Daddy


Amani said...

She is just so gorgeous.

Carrie Jo said...

I can't wait to be expereincing all these things (even the fatigue)! Lila is just so beautiful.

crystal said...

It seems like Lila was just born. She is coming along nicely, and looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Your dadima(sp) can hardly wait to see you again. You look so different in your pictures.

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

More gorgeous photos!!!!

FET Accompli said...

She's just so beautiful! And I love how your posts are written - like letters to your little one that she can read when she grows up.