Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weeks 8 & 9

Just as I was sitting down to write this post there was an earthquake. I do NOT like earthquakes--they scare the living crap out of me.

Dear Lila,

So much has happened in the last two weeks. You went for your two month check-up with your pediatrician, Dr. W. You weigh 11 lbs and you are 22.8 inches long! You grow girl! You had your first of many vaccinations and like 99.9% of babies you hated it. You screamed and cried and I felt horrible and guilt ridden just watching you. There should be some sort of Valium or something for parents to take when kids get their vaccinations. Later that evening you had a slight reaction to your vaccination, you were in so much pain you were screaming. The volume of your scream was so intense and your whole body was trembling. I'm surprised no one in our building called DSS. Yes, it was that loud! We called Dr. W and asked her what to do. She told us to give you baby Tylenol. As the Tylenol was kicking in, your pretty little lower lip kept quivering. Despite the fact that you were in an enormous amount of pain--you still managed to be the cutest little thing we have ever laid eyes on.

The last few days, and especially last night you have been babbling. It is so sweet. You will make really cute gurgling sounds and ah-goo noises. It's almost like you are really trying to have a conversation with us. I LOVE it! Also new over the last few days is your fervent desire to have your head looking over my shoulder, out at that world, for about three painful hours every night. Somehow this brings you comfort. You know what it brings me? The potential for a hunchback. You see Lila, you seem to only like my left shoulder which is really going to offset the balance of muscles and give me a big ol' camel hump high up on my back--just like my fifth grade teacher Ms. Pitts. I can envision your teenage years now. You being teased because your Mom has a humongous ham-hock on her shoulder. Hiding me from your friends. I can only imagine what type of stories you will conjure up to explain why your Mom is "all busted up like that". Hopefully this phase will be short lived and my shoulder will be spared many years of physical therapy.

This next coming week is going to be action packed. On Tuesday you will be starting daycare three hours a day, three days a week while I go back to work part-time. It's going to be so difficult to leave you while I am working. Thankfully, I will only be working part-time so you and I can spend lots of time together. This coming weekend we are going on a trip to San Antonio, TX for baby B's Christening. We are so excited for baby B and his parents to finally meet you.

Mommy and Daddy

pretty baby eyelashes!

who is that baby?

so cute!


Carrie Jo said...

Dear Lila,

You are one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen, and I know that you bring Mommy and Daddy so much joy. Whatever else you may grow to be and learn, I hope that you always know how very much you were wanted and loved.

Daria said...

She is a beautiful baby, you are truly blessed. Enjoy every minute, they grow so fast!

crystal said...

I just love the photo's, especially the one that you caught of her eyelashes. She is just beautiful. It's none of my business, but I hope down the road, you have a sibbling for her, or I see her being the spoiled princess of the family. :)

Alison said...

Tracy, she is just GORGEOUS! I am so happy that you are a Mommy. You are doing an amazing job!!!!

Baby Dreams said...

Lila James is so beautiful Tracy & Brett.

You have been truly blessed.

I am so happy for you.

Can you believe she's here..seems like yesterday when I was predicting your Beta numbers.

..and now beautiful Lila is here!

Life is amazing.