Friday, May 1, 2009

Seven Weeks

Dear Lila,

Today you turned seven weeks old! Lately, you seem to be very interested in Mommy’s eyeglasses. We’re not sure if you are looking at them because of the contrast of the dark rims against Mommy’s face or if you are trying to figure out if it is someone else. It’s great to see your little mind in action. A few times this week you slept five-plus hours! Just when we think we know your schedule you change it! It’s good to keep us guessing--keeps us in check.

Someday you will look back at these musings and photos and wonder why is my face all scratched? Well, my little bunny, your face is scratched because babies have machete-like fingernails that are difficult to trim. This week I woke up to find a few scratches on the left side of your gorgeous little face. I immediately trimmed your fingernails which is one the most heart pounding tasks I have ever encountered. Your tiny little hands are so delicate, and your nails are almost microscopic. Now factor in your jerky movements and my nervousness. Oh, boy! I bought these nail clippers with a magnifying glass thinking they would be useful. Mmm, not so much. I briefly considered buying this device called Pedi-Paws (I know it’s for dogs) to trim your nails. Maybe the manufacturers of Pedi-Paws could make one for babies. That would be great.

xoxo, Mommy and Daddy

Having fun at the gym

What are you looking at?

Scratchy McScratchface


Sarah said...

She's adorable as always! This post is bringing back memories - Evan and Connor used to stare at my glasses, too, and I think it's because of the contrast, because they used to stare at hairlines, too. And I feel ya on the fingernail clipping thing. I won't even do it, that's Ryan's job. Poor little Connor ALWAYS has scratches on his face!

Great update, congrats on the 5-hour sleep stretches!!!

Jacqueline said...

Try cutting fingernails when she is out cold, it is a much easier job with less risk of hurting her. She is so beautiful!

Lauren said...

I cannot wait to see her in a few weeks!! I am looking at 6/12-? I miss you guys and am excited to spend QT with you, B, Sully, and Miss Lila J!