Friday, April 24, 2009

Six Weeks

Dear Lila,

Today you turned six weeks old! This week you showed us many, many smiles! I just love watching you move your little rose bud lips into a smirky toothless grin. Simply put, your smiles are intoxicating.

You and I took a few trips this week. First, we went to my work so I could introduce you to everyone. Nina, Peggy, and Skyler couldn't stop gushing about how perfect you are! They didn't want you to leave and kept running off with you -- I for sure thought I was going to have to send out an Amber Alert. The next day we went to see Daddy at work. All of his co-workers were ooohing and aaahing over how cute you are. I believe that you may have inspired a "baby boom" at Daddy's office. Don't worry -- management won't hold you responsible.

You are continuing to grow, Grow, and GROW! You have outgrown all of your newborn clothes and diapers. You love doing tummy time on our bellies. You are so good at lifting your head up and turning it. Oh yeah, and speaking of heads turning, you emulated The Exorcist the other night and projectile vomited. It was really scary for me since I was half asleep and not expecting it.

There's something I've been meaning to write to you. Everyday I thank God/Ganesha/my lucky stars for you. You have no idea how badly we wanted you and how incredibly fortunate we feel to finally hold you in our arms. I never wanted to be anything other than your Mom. You are my Oscar, my Emmy, my Nobel Prize. I cherish every moment that I have with and I always will. May your life be filled with endless possibilities and your memories be filled with happiness.

xoxo, Mommy and Daddy

My unpaid internship - working for Daddy
Ooops, I did it again!

Mommy is so funny!

Life is good

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Heather and Jase said...

*Squeals* She's precious!!!! Daddy's Little Deal Maker!

Sarah said...

She's beautiful! I love the picture of her at work with Daddy - so cute! Love the update, sounds like all is going wonderfully and everyone is so happy. Yay!!

Carrie Jo said...

I have to agree with the sentiment that what I wanted most out of life was to be a wife and mother. She is just such a beautiful, wonderful, incredible miracle!

Mike and Mike said...

If it's any consolation, Rose did an exorcist on me on her 2nd week and scared the living bejesus out of me! Since then, she only channels the devil once and a while...although the peeing while I'm tying to change her diaper is a bit annoying...diapers are expensive!

Mike A>