Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back To School

I am taking a few classes at Intended Parents University! That's right, I am home schooling myself on all things baby related through the power of the internet. Below are a few of the "classes" that I have selected.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies And The Developing Fetus: This is a 40 week course with an emphasis on secondary research on embryonic/fetal development from conception to birth. There is a mandatory field study component to this course, requiring travel to India. Travel expenses are not included in tuition costs.

Baby Care 101: This is an elective course offered for both Mom and Dad and covers infant basics such as feeding, diapering, cord care, soothing and comforting, infant CPR, baby proofing, baby gear and equipment, installing infant car seats, introducing your pet to your new infant, international travel with a newborn, and new parent survival tips. This course includes a unit that will be taught in a clinical setting.

Induced Lactation: This course focuses on hormonal manipulation in conjunction with mechanical stimulation to produce breast milk. Not all students will receive credit for this course.

*There is a mandatory work study in reproductive public relations required for all students. The work study will focus on announcing the upcoming birth of the child with an emphasis on properly educating the public on gestational surrogacy in a developing country. To be completed the week of September 27- October 4.


Mike and Mike said...

Baby class? that's what I could use. I don't think my normal attitude of "just winging it" will do. I think I put my mother in shock on that one.

Oh, and the baby also kind of creepy!

Mike A.

Anonymous said...

Will the intended grandparents get training in how to educate the public about this miracle?