Friday, July 11, 2008

We're In The Home Stretch

Dr. Patel came back from London yesterday. Honestly, I was so happy to see her I could have piddled. I felt like Sully, our dog, who is so thrilled to see us every time we walk thru the door that he can't stop panting and wagging his butt. She gave me an ultrasound which showed 24 eggs! That's a great number, but it seems like I have OHSS - not cool. I am taking some meds to reduce the effects of OHSS. I have tons of gatorade, protein bars, and salty snacks to help with the bloating. One of the best things to come out of this is that Dr. Patel wants to fertilize half of the eggs using ICSI and the other half using IVF. She also wants to do a 5 day Blastocyst transfer of 2 or 3 embryos. This morning at 6:00 AM Hansa (my favorite nurse) came to our room to give me my very last shot, the trigger. Tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 PM, I will have my retrieval. Please keep your fingers crossed for us.

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