Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We have so many things to address, so this post is going to be like verbal diarrhea or, if you prefer, a potpourri of topics.

1. Feeling Better and Keeping It Together:
I am feeling about 85% today, which is way up from the last few days. I honestly felt better after having my hysterectomy, although I'm sure it was the pain meds that helped then. They didn't give me anything for the pain this time. I was on something like 5 different other meds, so I'm not sure how they could have been effective. Also, I haven't been able to eat since Saturday morning. Last night was the first meal that I was able to "hold onto".

2. Our Laundry REEKS!
We had our laundry done by the hotel twice while we were here. The first time it smelled fine. This past time it smelled like a dirty jock strap. F'ing disgusting. In my "can't hold onto any food state" I made B stay far away from me because of his shirts' aroma. He too is so disgusted by it that he has been wearing fragranced lotion on his upper lip.

3. We Are Making Friends:
A few more (talkative) couples have arrived. It has been really lonely here, and seeing other people that want to socialize is like being freed from solitary confinement! We all chatted in Dr. Hitesh's office yesterday and today. Then B and I went to Cafe Coffee Day (think Starbucks with Britney Spears music), and we met up with another couple from Germany. They are both surgeons and this is their second time here.

4. Ganesha:
Ganesha is one of the main Hindu gods. Today we figured out that he is a god of new beginnings and remover of obstacles. We found it to be interesting and appropriate that we are here in India to remove the obstacles that we have been facing and, in doing so, to start a new beginning in our lives.

5. Transfer Day:
Tomorrow at 12:30 PM we are doing our transfer. We are both ecstatic that we have made it to this point! Dr. Patel will hopefully be transferring 3 blastocysts (as of today we have 5 left) to our surrogate. I brought her a gift bag filled with lotion, nail polish, lip gloss, some earrings, chocolates and money. I have also written her a letter that we will have someone translate for us. We get to go in the lab to see the embryos beforehand, and then I will be allowed to be there with our surrogate as they transfer a part of our life to her. It is so emotional for me just to write this that I can't possibly imagine how emotional tomorrow will be. I hope that we will have luck and God (and Ganesha) on our side!


Anonymous said...

May Ganesha watch over you tomorrow. Love, J

Christopher said...

Hi guys, congrats on reaching this milestone. Wishing you the best!