Monday, August 16, 2010

17 Months

Dear Lila,

Oh snap, You're 17 months old!!!  It's funny, when you were a teeny-weeny baby I always wondered what it would be like when you a toddler.  It's good, it's great and sometimes it's...uhhmm...frustrating.  I completely understand your frustration--you want something that is out of reach, you can't verbalize it -so you stomp, scream and then go boneless when I try to help.  You're just trying to be independent and as a Mommy I need to do a better job at remembering that.

 Santa Monica Beach

For the love of books!  You love flipping through books and pointing at things saying "dat (that)."  Your favorite book is Go, Dog. Go!  by P.D. Eastman.  I read this book to you at least 20 times a day.  No kidding!  It is so funny, you love this one sequence in the story where two dogs meet each other and say:

dog #1 "hello again"
dog #2 "hello"
dog #1 "do you like my hat?"
dog #2 "I do not"
dog #1 "good-bye again"
dog #2 "good-bye"

You open the book and point to this particular passage all the time!  I'm not sure why this resonates with you.  But I'm quite happy that you love books!  

Your First Kiss!  Pierre kissed you and it must have made your heart melt because you chased him all night long and kept kissing him.  Poor Bruce,  you guys are either going to have to break up or enter an open relationship.

 your first kiss 7-30-2010

Climbing...You climb on the sofa, the ottoman. onto our bed and you actually climbed out, yes OUT of your crib!!!!  Holy bad word that can't say anymore!  Daddy and I almost had heart failure.  You acted like nothing happened, it was ca-razy! So we lowered your crib, and now it looks like a prison cell. 

Understanding-  You understand most things we say.  When we're ready to go out,  I'll say "let's go bye-bye" you will immediately sit down and point to your toes for me to put your shoes on.  When you're all done in the tub we'll say "Lila, let the water out" and you'll push the drain stopper-thingy.  When you want to go out you'll go to the door and say "out! out!"  When I say "Lila let's do gorgeous" you will grab the hairbrush.  Here's a funny story that I want to remember.  We were on a walk a few weeks ago and you kept saying "dat? dat? dat? dat?  dat? and I kept saying "wall, wall, wall wall WALL,"  Fast forward a week later, we are out in the hall, and all of a sudden, clear as day, you put both hands on the wall and said "WALL."  Amazing!

Things you don't like- Sitting in your high chair, getting strapped into your car seat, sitting in your stroller.  Basically, you don't like being confined.  Some of these we can get around, some we can't.  Namely, your car seat.  

Things you LOVE- Going for walks and stomping on sewer covers.  Going to the park.  Putting on your purple jelly shoes.  THE BATH-TUB!!!!  Closing doors and saying "bye-bye".  Pressing the elevator buttons.  Sesame Street.  BERRIES!!!!  Especially Blackberries.  Being chased.  Putting things in your bellybutton.

 struttin' your stuff

Happy 17th month birthday Lila!  We love you!

xo, Mommy and Daddy


crystal said...

WOW! Lila is soo cute! Time flies, Mark will be 2 in October. It seems like yesterday.

Kerrie and Mark said...

She is a beauty! What a girl and who can imagine 17 months has passed already!

Tigerlilycat said...

What a great post. Keep capturing those milestones for Lila's sake, and so we can be nosey. How's her seizures going?

Mike and Mike said...

Rose discovered gravity this morning with the have my full understanding and condolences on that one.

GeGe said...

We had to put Carrie-Jo's sister in a bed at 17 months, because she got out the first time at 7 months (we're still trying to figure that one out) and then again at 17 months. So, watch out. She hasn't sat still for the next 24 years. Lila probably won't either.
I am so glad you seem to be enjoying parenthood. These years go by so quickly. Enjoy every minute.

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

What a beautiful big girl Lila is! I am so, so dreading 1 year old in 10 short days. I want my baby boy to say little forever!!!!

Amani (Meg) said...

She is just gorgeous. Ah, it seems like yesterday ...