Monday, March 1, 2010

Almost One/Almost Thirty-Four

Only twelve more days until someone celebrates her 1st Birthday!!!  

I can't wait to celebrate our first of many Birthday's together!

Also, a HUGE Congratulations to Shannon and Geoff on their positive pregnancy!!!


Kerrie and Mark said...

She is a doll. Happy Birthday to you and your angel.

jojo said...

Wow! Happy birthday little girl. You sure are beautiful!


Shannon said...

Wow - could she be any cuter?! Happy birthday to you both! Enjoy every moment of your special day together - you absolutely deserve it. Here's hoping all of your birthday wishes come true! (Thank you for the congratulations! xo)

Anonymous said...

Happy almost birthday to both Lila and Tracy.
I hope you both have a great day of celebrating.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to both of you. I know it will be totally terrific.
Love, Janet/Nana Janet

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Happy Birthday girls. From the other birthday guy!

Have an amazing day!

crystal said...

Happy Birthday!! Lila is beautiful.