Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Little Late

Dear Lila,

Happy 10 1/2 month birthday!  We went to Boston a few weeks ago to visit our families, and to have you baptized.  On our flight to Boston you were pretty good -- except during take-off when you had a meltdown. I can't really blame you though. If someone woke me from a peaceful sleep at 5:00AM to leave for the airport and then kept interrupting my sleep with all of their moving about and other shenanigans, I would be pissed too! The rest of the weekend we spent having various get-togethers in your honor with friends and family.  Everyone was quite smitten with you, especially your cousin Emma who appointed herself as our little helper for the weekend.  It was really cute!  On the flight back you were an angel.  No seriously, you slept the majority of the flight and never made a peep!  The flight attendant even commented that she didn't know that there was a baby on the flight until we landed.  (see below update for  all of the drama that happened after we landed).

Lila and Cousin Emma

Uncle Eddie, Daddy, Father Harry, Mommy, Lila, Auntie Susan

In other developments, you hate sippy cups and prefer to chew on them with your two teeth.  You do, however, love drinking water from a big person glass.  Last night I gave you a plastic cup with a teensy bit of water in it.  You held it tightly with both hands, brought it to your mouth, and sipped like a big girl. YAY! Then you you spilled the rest all over yourself.  You still hate having your diaper changed and continue to flip over and screech whenever a change occurs.  This is probably one of the more challenging aspects of parenting for me at this stage.  I feel like I have just wrestled a grizzly bear after changing your diaper.  The only way that seems to work is changing you while you are standing up. 

Your favorite things to eat are cheese, waffles, bananas, and green beans.  You love feeding yourself. Dog-dog is really grateful that you are a messy eater and he gets all of  the scraps that you throw out of your high-chair. He waits patiently under you chair while you eat. I too am really grateful.  I'm grateful that Dog-Dog eats all of your scraps and I rarely need to vacuum under your chair.

Your favorite toys are any toys that play music when you press a button.  Is it just me or do all musical baby toys sound like the same crazy person voice?  Oddly enough, you also love the toilet bowl.  You love flushing it, banging on it like it's a drum while chanting your baby babble and pulling the toilet paper off of the roll.

You're still cruising about mostly with one hand on the furniure and the other holding Snuggly Jeff (your blankie that we named after a Family Guy episode).  You're getting closer and closer to making those first steps! Still, the quickest way for you to get to something that you want is crawling, and boy are you fast!  Your crawling is approaching mach speed.  How can a little person like you crawl so fast? 

With that being said, I have to end this post and chase you!

Happy 10 1/2 month Birthday!  Sorry it's so late!

xo, Mommy and Daddy
As promised here's the drama...

After getting our luggage we headed to the parking garage to drive home.  Have I mentioned yet that our flight from Boston to LAX was delayed two hours and that we landed at 1:45 AM?  When we got on the shuttle to the parking garage we started looking for our car keys only to find that they weren't in the backpack. Ruh-ro! When we got off the shuttle we thoroughly went through our stuff looking for them, but, alas, the keys were not there.  Did you just read that?  Take it in, all of it.  It's now well after 2:00 AM, we are in a parking garage, it's been raining, we have like six bags, a stroller, a car-seat and a baby, and car without keys! Totally screwed.  We got someone at the garage to find us a taxi but it never came.  The guy who looked for the taxi was a gem.  He told us that he had something like 12 kids and that if he could he would drive us home -- in one of the cars that he valeted.  I'm glad that he had some sense of morals not to illegally use one of the cars in the lot.  Still no taxi.  There are too many obscenities that went through my mind to list at this point.  One of the shuttle drivers ended up taking pity on our situation and drove us home in her personal car.  We were so relieved to finally get home.  But wait! We don't have our house keys either!  Mother bleep bleep bleep!!! We ended up having to wake up the super in our building to let us in.  He looked like he wanted to murder us.  No kidding.  You would have thought we did this to him all the time.  We dropped off our luggage, got in my car and then headed back to the parking garage with our spare set of keys.  We finally made it back home and were in bed at 4:30 AM.  Yuck!