Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nine Months

Dear Lila,

You are one active little girl!  Just recently you started cruising along the furniture.  Yay, Lila!  You have also been trying to stand unassisted, which usually ends with you standing alone for about a millisecond and then falling on your bum.  You think it's really funny when you fall if I yell "BOOM!"

A not-so-great phase has thrust itself upon us -- stranger anxiety.  Whoa boy!  It started around Thanksgiving when you wouldn't let anyone but us hold you.  You will socialize with people as long as they are a comfortable distance away from you and you are in either Mommy or Daddy's arms.  Poor Nana Lorraine -- she came all the way from Boston to visit and you cried every time she tried to pick you up.  Dr. Weiner said this is just a phase and that it usually lasts about three months.

You had your nine month well baby check-up with Dr. Weiner and a follow-up visit with your neurologist.  Both appointments went well.  Your development is right on track, and you are doing everything you should be doing.  Excellent!  The neurologist  has recommended that we wean you off of one of your medications.  HOORAY!  We will see both doctors again in March.

This past weekend we celebrated Daddy's birthday!  It was his first birthday as a Dad.  It was low-key, fun, and we had a really yummy cake (because you can't eat cake yet, I had an extra piece just for you).
Happy nine-month birthday Lila (I promise to give you cake when it's your real birthday).

Love, Mommy and Daddy


ASquared said...

Wow she is a CUTIE!!! Her dad is totally going to have to be beating off the boys with sticks!! And I absolutely love those B&W photos!

jojo said...

I'm so glad that everything's progressing well with Lila. Hooray!!!!
She is gorgeous and I loved reading your update. Merry Christmas!


Johnny and Darren said...

What beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your first Christmas as a family.

Merry Christmas