Thursday, February 19, 2009


We met our pediatrician tonight. We LOVE her. She was really informative, just conservative enough, had a great sense of humor, was serious yet not stuffy, and she likes to have her nurses play "bad cop"(by having them administer the shots) while she plays "good cop."

The office is great. The walls had murals painted on them with puppies, grass, bunnies, and a kid pulling a wagon. They toys were educational and well-kept. It's way different from what I was exposed to as a kid. There is a sick entrance and a well entrance to help keep the kids who are there for wellness check-ups from getting sick. The office is divided into two wings (separated by the doctors' offices in the middle) with all of the wellness exam rooms on one side and the exam rooms for sick kids on the other side.

My pediatrician's office when I was younger had broken chairs, screaming parents, bleeding kids finger-painting murals with their bloody hands, used Highlights magazines and an Etch-a-sketch that didn't work. There was only one entrance, and it was crowded with smoking parents. For some odd reason I liked going to that hell hole. Strange.

On a doctor-related side note, B said that my reaction to my oral surgery was similar to this.


Carrie Jo said...


It's crazy...the days are flying by--your baby is already at 33 weeks! I'm glad you like the pediatrician. We need to look into getting one of those soon!

Intending To Be Parents said...

Wow - that pediatrician's office sounds amazing! We still haven't made the final decision because there's a second office I would like to check out, but just haven't had a chance - it's on my list for Monday!
I know, my pediatricians office growing up sounded very similar - Highlights magazines and etch-a-sketch included (though I think hers worked) :) My favorite thing about that office were the lollipops I always got on our way out :)
OMG that video is hilarious - I already had my wisdom teeth out, but my husband is up next and this is good to see to prepare me for him whenever he gets his done :)
I'm so excited for you - your baby is going to be here so soon!!!

TonyB said...

Tracy, that is one valuable relationship, and it sounds like you guys found a winner with that pediatrician. Kudos! I've been wondering how soon in the process to engage one, so this helps. I was thinking at the end of the 2nd trimester orginally. Along these lines, I'd be curious to know how soon this pediatrician would like to see your baby. I'm guessing/hoping, the day you return to the States or very shortly thereafter. Thanks for shairng! Tony