Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy Bees

Sorry I haven't posted but we have been super busy...

This morning we had our Infant Care Class. The first thing that we learned about was the art of patience. We arrived like the rest of the couples that were there...a few minutes early. We waited patiently for our instructor to arrive. And we waited a little more. And then a little more. Still no instructor. We all ended up leaving after patiently waiting for 45 minutes. It appears that our instructor messed up the time of our class. We're rescheduled for next Sunday morning at 10 AM.

New Apartment
We finally found a new apartment. This search felt like it lasted for an eternity (in my opinion it did). I looked at so many shiteous apartments in the last few weeks that when I found "the one" I thought I was hallucinating. Seriously.

It's Like Peeling Off A Band-Aid
I came out of the pregnancy closet at work and haven't stopped since! We had a staff meeting last weekend. We did the usual--what's going on in the restaurant industry, tasted some wine and new menu items, and then we did the usual team building exercise. This particular team building exercise had each of us pair up with another person and tell that person three things that they didn't know about you. I paired up with my friend Nina. When it was our turn, Nina stood up and proudly told everyone about our pregnancy. Everyone cheered, a few people cried, and I found out that my boss used to sell herbal Viagra. What a great way to announce our pregnancy!

384 Months Old!
We celebrated B's birthday this week. I am proud to announce that he is toilet trained (although he can be gassy at times). He ate solid foods at his birthday dinner and kept his drooling to a minimum. We certainly had a big reason to celebrate this year!


Intending To Be Parents said...

I'm sorry your infant care class ended up being delayed - hopefully the instructor will be better at teaching the class material than they are at being on time!
Congrats on the new apartment - very exciting!
And congrats on coming out of the pregnancy closet at work! I came out far too early but did so because I was in town and wanted to tell people in person (I work remotely half-way across the country) Luckily I got a lot of support too so that was a good feeling!
And Happy Birthday to B!! This will be a very different year coming up for you both - so exciting!!

N said...

How exciting to get to start telling people! It really is like ripping off a band aid. Once you start you just can't stop with the excitement! Enjoy it, it's such a great time!

Intended Parents said...

Thanks Ladies!

Sarah said...

You're getting so close! Time will really fly now!! Have fun with your preparations!