Sunday, November 2, 2008

Baby Gear

We have been scoping out baby gear in preparation for our gift registry. Over the past two weekends we have gone to Babies-R-Us, Tiny World, The Right Start, and Petit Tresor. To say we are overwhelmed by all of the gadgets and gizmos we have seen is an understatement. B, who has a bachelor's and master's degree from MIT in mechanical engineering couldn't operate half of the strollers that we looked at. I offered him little to no help. I actually wheeled a stroller that had its front brakes on around the store and thought it had a smooth ride. Then I got really frustrated that my iced tea wouldn't fit into the cup holder and almost broke the handle on the stroller. One stroller that we both liked is the Bugaboo Chameleon. It has a really smooth ride and converts into an old fashioned style pram. It's pretty cool; however, it is the Mercedes of strollers and costs a whopping $900. YIKES! For that price I would like it to have my baby's name diamond encrusted along the sides. Just sayin'. Do we need to spend that much on a stroller? No. Will our baby be any smarter because he or she has that stroller? No. Will we look cool struttin' around Los Angeles with our pimped out baby ride? YES! Is it worth the price tag? Maybe/maybe not.

Cribs are yet another item engineered to outsmart me. Each crib I looked at I shook vigorously to see how sturdy it was (apparently the sale staff doesn't like when you do this). Each time I did that, one side would rattle uncontrollably and I would move on to the next crib deeming the last one "unfit" for my baby. The sales staff politely scolded me and told me the reason that the cribs rattled was because of the drop sides, which make it easier to reach in and pick up your baby. Then, I couldn't figure out how to use the drop side bull shit! I spent a good 5 minutes looking for levers, buttons, a pulley, a pump, or a jack before I found out that using the dropside was much simpler than I was making it. In the end, I found a great modern style baby crib (that does not have a drop side) that we will be making room for in the next few months.
Our crib is pictured below. We'll be getting it in an all espresso finish.


Intending To Be Parents said...

So much baby gear to think of! My biggest goal is to find all of the things we really don't need :) I'm already making spreadsheets of information to make the decisions - It seems I make all of life's big decisions with the help of a spreadsheet :)

N said...

I know what you mean! It's really hard to figure out all this stuff. I got the "Baby Bargains" book on many people's recommendations and it did help in a lot of ways. I would definitely get it if you don't already have it! And all cribs shake like that, drop side or not...I had the same issue at first. :)

Michele said...

I agree the Baby Bargains Book was very helpful. However, I put a lot of stuff on my registry that, honestly I felt I needed. Now I have a lot of CRAP that I didn't need and now have no living space:) Move S**T Get out the Way!!

Mike and Mike said...

WE WANT THE BUGABOO STROLLER!!! Mike and I have been coveting that stroller since we started out on our little venture. Especially in the fabby bright orange color. But like you said...$900!!! Holy crud! I think the money is better spent on diapers.

Mike A.